Beyond Argument

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Let us agree to agree. There must be common ground.

What we know

Without babies, we vanish. We must be babies.

Women make babies. Men partake. We must be women.

Women make few babies. We must be many women.

Women & babies endure.

Without air, we die in minutes.

Without shelter, we die in hours.

Without water, we die in days.

Without food, we die in weeks.

Without nurture, we die of neglect.

We breathe naturally; air is everywhere.

To get shelter, water, & food, we learn.

Learning varies with time & place.

Culture is knowledge of time & place.

Without culture, we…

The best thing that could happen to US hegemonic pathology would be certain knowledge that 'something can fly unimpeded into US-controlled airspace'. Whether it is alien or merely foreign is unimportant. What matters is much needed humility.

A few friends & I tried smoking without limit once. We reached a point where no-one could be bothered to smoke more. Self-limiting. Overdose impossible.

That was smoking. The most stoned I've ever been, again with a small group of friends (5), was by eating. It was ridiculous. We went to a Bob Dylan concert. I drove, perfectly. We stood on a ticket queue for 20 minutes before remembering we'd pre-purhcased them & could go straignt in. I could see three Bob Dylans, had overwhelming auditory distortion & hallucinations (sorry Bob). After the concert, drove to a restaurant. While eating…

Ms Nicholson, I wish to respectfully highlight difficulties I find with your article.

You worry about requirement to disclose location. I agree this might be an objection if required to be precise: for instance, under the bed or behind the door. However, if it means only the address of storage - in my home; on my person; at my workplace etc. - that knowledge could not be subject to abuse.

You refer to guns 'for protection'. One can understand individuals feeling this way & making the false assumption that guns have this effect. …

There is so much wrong with US electoral system & institutional structure, it's hard to know where to start. Let's begin with an objective: that all with a right to vote do so.

The problem then becomes: how to enable that?

For a start, a national commission with that responsibility, independent of government, would defeat efforts to block voting rights. It would have authority to do so.

In US though, each state is its own little country. Probably 50 such commissions would be needed... for efficiency one might suppose. Even so, it would work; it does here. The Australian Electoral…

I disagree with your last line: it is not an argument against billionaires. It is a quite convincing argument against the system that produces & enables them. You are correct that the financial system is designed to produce this result. Clearly, it could be modified in numerous ways to ameliorate the problem without losing the benefits it was built to realise (e.g. incorporation).

The key problem for any society, small or large, is how to aggregate resources, particularly but not only human resources, to serve collective purposes. Capitalism does this by monetising all resources, then aggregating capital to deploy them…

Legal Treatment of Adolescent Sexuality

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By now we should all understand the neuro-physiology of human sexual development & expression. Production of hormones that trigger physical maturation at adolescence also affects motivation & behavior. It is not a sudden threshold, like switching on a light. Rather, hormone levels increase gradually, just as they decline gradually in later adult life. They are easily measured. Age at pubescence varies considerably between individuals.

Crucially, we know the threshold of capacity for males to impregnate & females to conceive, & for ‘children’ to become sexually self-aware, motivated & responsive, occurs much earlier than legal thresholds for consent. Rationales for these…

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This is an edited response to a conversation & two articles: one suggesting that inequality would self-equalise given equal opportunity & time; the other that African-Americans should ‘integrate’. I reject both suggestions.

Policing & its consequences: I do not wish to add to the millions of words pouring out on these subjects just now, but must respond to a claim that ‘crime’ rates are higher in ‘racially’ segregated areas. It’s true, so far as it goes, but that’s not far at all. A little analysis blows all that away.

Consider only ‘red lines’, the urban planning equivalent (or component) of…

subject to revision by extension, not contraction

I undertake & will be held to account by you, my reader & potential respondent, to satisfy the following criteria in writing:

I will not waste your time.

This means I will strive to be neither obvious, commonplace nor trivial.

I will be accessible.

This means I will write in English only, without recourse to foreign language phrases. Vocabulary & construction will be the simplest capable of conveying intended meaning.

English is a creole — a descendant language of mixed parentage — & exists in various forms: both national, as in Indian English; & sub-cultural, as in localised, immigrant &/or generational forms. …

How bad things happen

An Incident on Remand

Note: This report was written immediately upon my release from prison in April 2018, based on my hand-written report when it occurred. I had been advised not to publish it while on parole.

Anyone imprisoned for the first time is anxious. I was 65 years old, weighed about 55Kg (normal for me) & recovering from major surgery. The remand centre is aesthetically grim, loud, crowded. There is no access to direct sunlight, no purposive activity, lockdown in a shared cell most hours (17?) of every day.

Some prisoners are welcoming & kind, others competitive & threatening…

David Lee Andrew

Australian male born 1952, Adelaide. Anti-religious, ethical utilitarian socialist. Walk, think, communicate: inquiry, knowledge, nature, love, music.

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