Beyond Argument

Let us agree to agree. There must be common ground.

What we know


Without babies, we vanish. We must be babies.

Women make babies. Men partake. We must be women.

Women make few babies. We must be many women.

Women & babies endure.


Without air, we die in minutes.

Without shelter, we die…

An Inflammatory, Auto-Immune, Neurological Disease


My wife, Jeni, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in October 1980, after her second neurological episode within a few months. We had recently celebrated her 27th birthday & our 5th wedding anniversary.

This article is about MS & its effects upon Jeni, me, & our relationship.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

MS is an…

Monday 26 October 1959 — Thursday 21 August 2014

At age 7 my mother explained ‘birds & bees’ in anatomical detail. She was pregnant. I felt in possession of an important secret.

Murray arrived fast, strangulated by his umbilical cord. A week later school seemed endless. I ran half a…

David Lee Andrew

Australian male born 1952, Adelaide. Anti-religious, socialist. Walk, think, inquire, learn; share ideas, music & pleasure.

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